My 2016 New Year Resolutions.

This year resolution I’ll make an actual progress. Since last year there are 4 things I concern. Which is Health, Money, Mental and Personality. And some target isn’t complete yet. So some of them will still be my target this year.


  1. Exercise and eat clean. 3 days a week. I guess it’s not too much so I could do these, maybe. (boo! can’t reach this goal!)
  2. Drink a lot of water, Plant nanny can help! (done!)
  3. I really hate my skin but I still didn’t put on lotion, actually its even worst! okay, restart! put on lotion everyday Fai! it really could help. (boo! can’t reach this goal!)


  1. Save 200,000 baht for this year.  Last year I can’t make it happen because I travel too much and also didn’t think about tax before. At least I already have a lesson. So I hope I can complete this target this year. (need to save more but it’s fine.)
  2. Buy LTF every month for 1,000 baht. or 12,000 baht for the whole year. (done!)


  1. This year will be Iceland! (done!)
  2. and Japan at the beginning since we already booked the ticket, and that’s all. So we could save money 🙂 (done!)IMG_2947
  3. Take my parent to Japan or Taiwan or Korea for 1 days. (done!)
  4. Live together! this is the most important wish for me. (done!)
  5. Going to Melbourne 6 times this year. (boo! can’t reach this goal! I’ve got only 2)
  6. Go watching some opera or orchestra or concert. (Damien rice!) (done!)
  7. Practice myself and don’t see Champ for 2 days a week. (done!)


  1. Please finally got 49 kgs. back! (boo! can’t reach this goal!)


  1. Learning Chinese (at least I started. done!)
  2. Learning Korean (at least I started. done!)
  3. Learning Piano (boo! can’t reach this goal!)

Career Path.

  1. Make some online portfolio. Or maybe fanpage of my Interior works.
  2. Don’t sick more than 20 days. You can meet psychiatrist any time you want. (boo! can’t reach this goal!)
  3. Have Arch. License.

I’ll add more if I had some. OK! bye me. 🙂



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