New 2015 Year Resolutions.

I just realize what I want most for this year, and what I have to do so I could be there.
The first one would be Health.

  1. drink water at least 6 glass a day. normally I drink 4 glass maximum. and all the information said that people should drink at least 8, so, for me, 6 would be okay. at least I believe that I can do.
  2. exercise at least 30 minutes, 3 times a week. it could be anything, run, swim, boxing, anything. so do it.
  3. put on lotion every time after finish take a shower. this is a MUST. or maybe oil. I hate my skin right now. it’s not just because beauty, but health too.
  4. try to eat more vegetable or fruits. and don’t forget J, I still have 45 days left.
  5. take vitamin C,E and Fish Oil everyday.

The second one, Money.

  1. save at least 200,000 baht for this year. keep it for nothing. just keep it.
  2. yes, keep the money, just keep it. anyway, it’s okay to spend some money for happiness, if not, why we have to get money in life?
  3. sell something in social network. which I don’t know what is it now, but I really need to find out. maybe perfume? maybe handmade goods like before? maybe cosmetic? well, still need to find out.

The third one, Me myself and people around me.

  1. travel to Laos, Vietnam, and New zealand for this year. with you. or my friends. or both. 🙂
  2. take my parents to Tokyo, Japan for 4 days.
  3. buy sony alpha 5000, or maybe 6000 if I have enough money, but anyway, I want 5000 more.
  4. have at least 2 film camera and know how to use them.
  5. finally can wear contact lens!
  6. learn korean. and know how to talk with easy phases.
  7. learn jewelry course. know how to make things like this.
  8. bring some of my used clothes for donation.
  9. have a driving license ✔️
  10. go watching some opera and orchestra 

The last, My Personality.

  1. lose weight to 47 kgs. and dress like these.
  2. don’t buy clothes just because it’s cheap and look okay. but buy because I like it and know it’ll suite me.

This year is about to follow 2014, and the most important thing is to improve myself. for both outside and inside. and take my parent out to see the world. this is actually my life time goal. 🙂 and I must realize what is the most important thing. such as when I buy things, mostly, I just by because the price and it end up stuck in my room without being used. I must stop this habit very soon.



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