Portrait Drawing by Wisut

couple days ago,
there was something like event called
in instagram

the rules are
1. tag #wisutdrawme in the comment of picture of yours in instagram
2. wait

and I tag this one

and only 2 days after,
I got this one from him :DD

really like it,
and kind of think I’d love to pay 1,000 baht for the colour portrait drawing.
well, I have to wait since I’m poor now ;_;

this is the information of his colour portrait drawing by wisut

well 1,000 baht/1 person
some people may think it’s a bit expensive ( yeah, me too )
but since it’ll be only your drawing, it’s original.
and he has been go through many things before his illustration become like this
I think his drawing deserve this price 🙂

really like his works! ( and vision! )



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