when I was stalker


this happened last month, I was at the airport for f(x)
It is my first time being stalker, LOLL

and this is pictures I took when I was at the airport 🙂

Ju-yeon smiles at me, she is very nice. she waves back at me around 4 times that makes me feel really good (because all waves from her is around 5 – 6 times) but she was a bit tired, thought

Nana’s legs really impressed me. such a perfect ! and yes ! UEE’s too! actually all of those girl have perfect legs.
They’re so thin, but it’s not bad at all, those girl really look fine.
actually, they look great ! just like angels 🙂

Li-yin is cute, when she makes mistake she always smile and apologize. She’s a small person
I mean she’s short and thin, and yes, she’s kind 🙂

and this is what I waiting for !

the girls really pretty ! pretty more than I see from computer, much much !

Victoria is so cute, she waves a lot and always smile
Amber looks cool, and she’s pretty more than I ever think and in the last day, sign meeting, I said ‘you’re so cute’ and amber is looks surprise,
then she was laughing and ‘oh thank you’ LOLL
Krystal is an angel, really! her face, her looks everything. She’s so pretty so I told her so 😀
Sulli is look a bit tired in first day, but in the third day seems like she’s better
She smiles, She cried, She wink, She waves, a lot ! and she give me hand-heart so many times – so happy
and Luna seems like can’t stop smile 😀 She smiles and smiles and talk to fans,
I talk to her in English and she is like ‘oh? haha’

it was so nice, really. when f(x) comeback to Thailand
I wish I could be close to them like this again 🙂



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