such a long day

lately I have too many works so I feel so stress,
I feel so bored and really need to have a rest.

Today I just send my proposal paper to the teacher,
for purpose him to be my adviser for my thesis that I’ve to do it next year.
Well, one done..

And tomorrow,
I have an exam in structure subject, 😦
I hate this subject since I really don’t understand it, I hope this will pass soon.

And Thai Arch..
It’s subject of Thai Architecture and I have to do it with my group so it’s okay..
But we have to design plan, section, elevation and have to present in model and perspective..


anyway, I’ll talk about what make me happy lately,
sweet sweet really could make me happy
even I haven’t taste chao-guay (เฉาก๊วย) for a long time,
but it still can cure me 😀

delicious sweet thing P:

and yesterday, me and my friend went out to have dinner together in a lovely restaurant.

amm+ and oh


tui and goi

and another one who sat near me, In there’s no picture in here,

my first menu is lemon ice-cream. seriously, when you feel stress, sweet thing really can cure you 😀



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